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Bouquets - Expo Paris 1867

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In a kiosk built by Mr. Jacquemin, Miss Lion is to display and sell bouquets of natural flowers.

I don't see any harm in it, but I imagine that it could be done better.

Paris is certainly the city in Europe where the most bouquets are sold, and where this amiable trade brings in the greatest profits. Paris is perhaps also, thanks to Parisian taste, the city where one finds the best made and most artistic bouquets. Nice and Genoa, those privileged countries of heaven, send us magnificent flowers, but piled up, pressed in concentric circles, in a style that violates and saddens nature. To squeeze a lot of violets and camelias into a narrow space is to prove that one is rich, not that one has taste. The florists of Paris, the Lachaume's, the Bernard's and twenty others, do better; they know how to air their bouquets and their table baskets, to give to the agglomerated flowers an air of ease which delights the eyes. This is where we have a Parisian school.

I would have liked this school to be able to display its products concurrently on the Champ de Mars, to compete for awards, and to instruct by example these poor market florists, who are goodwill itself, but who have not made a single step forward for twenty years.

These brave women should be taught that it is possible to make a charming bouquet with half the flowers they choke on in a more than mediocre bouquet.
Everyone would gain, first the merchants, then the consumers of the people and the petty bourgeoisie, who almost all buy their supplies at the market.

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