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House of the Miners of Blanzy - Expo Paris 1867

House of the Miners of Blanzy at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1867

The Compagnie des houillères de Blanzy exhibits a miners' house in the park. The door, through which one enters, gives access, on the right, to a rather large room where the samples, the mine lamps and the various mining instruments are gathered; on the left, are two smaller rooms, intended for the family and the household. There is no exit at the back of the house.

The mines of Blanzy produce 5,500,000 kilograms of sludge per year, as an inscription on the walls tells us; the inscription also tells us that there are 679 houses built for the miners in Blanzy, 99 of which were built by the workers themselves. At what cost? That is what the inscription forgot to tell us. And do the houses built by the workers resemble the one we see at the Champ de Mars? I doubt it; for it represents relatively considerable construction costs.

We shall have occasion to return to the subject of workers' houses, in connection with the Mulhouse house and the Paris workers' house, which stand next to the miners' house in Blanzy, whose image we are giving today.

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