International Exposition of Paris 1867

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

April 1, 1867 - November 3, 1867

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Rope factory

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The closest we have to it are the beautiful pyramids of ropes placed immediately behind the metal constructions that stopped us on the threshold of the section. Two manufacturers from Angers (Maine-et-Loire) have formed them from their products. The enormous size of most of these cables tells you enough that they will have to withstand unheard-of efforts; they are in fact intended either for the navy or for mining. Of the latter type of use we will have an example later on. Some are made of hemp, some of aloe vera, others of iron wire, sometimes galvanised. You have here various types of the imperial navy. The success of manoeuvres and the lives of crews depend in part on their solidity. Among those which are intended for the service of the mines, I would like to point out to you one in iron wire, with a decreasing section, which was manufactured for the establishments of Creusot. Here are the dimensions: Hollows 8, length 470, width 0.150 reduced to 0.135, weight 4568 kilograms.

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