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Civil engineering - Expo Paris 1867

Civil engineering at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1867

While talking about the past, we reached the middle of class 65, devoted to civil engineering, public works and agriculture. Here are the building materials: natural and artificial stones, the manufacture of which has made so much progress; there are the works in zinc, lead and copper, many of which are of considerable dimensions; on this side, ironwork and locksmithing, elsewhere, the devices that the architect and civil engineer use in their work. What is of more general interest are the specimens of these works themselves; you will take pleasure in contemplating from the top of the platform, these numerous models of viaducts, aqueducts, sewers, fixed bridges, swing bridges, jetties, lighthouses, etc...

On the platform we find these admirable lenticular devices which our engraving represents, and which are exhibited by the lighthouse and beacon service, and were built by Mr. Henri Lepaute. Down below you will see that they are illuminated by electric light by means of the magneto-electric machine of the Alliance company, driven by a steam engine. Nearby is a huge assortment of safes; there are safes of all systems: even if they were filled with banknotes, they would not pay for the marvels that this palace contains.

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