International Exposition of Paris 1867

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

April 1, 1867 - November 3, 1867

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Tea Flow

Tea Flow at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1867

The Exhibition of 1867 promised us a specimen in action of all the populations of the globe. The Chinese, coming from further afield, are also the exhibitors who have best complied with the programme. We have already shown how they grow tea: we now show how they sell it.

This does not lend itself to a long description, but only to a nice genre picture, which Mr. Gaildrau's pencil has rendered very well. We must often sacrifice the pleasure of the eyes in the Champ de Mars: the road we are travelling would be too tiring if we did not linger from time to time in the distractions of the journey.

Ah! if, instead of the Chinese selling tea, we had to talk about the lamentable death of the Emperor Maximilian, we would want to glorify the victim in order to better flout the traitor and the executioner!

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