International Exposition of Paris 1867

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

April 1, 1867 - November 3, 1867

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This is the land of incomparable irons and rare minerals, the home of Erickson, inventor of the hot air machine.

Erickson's machine was not very practical, but in the last fifteen years the fruit has ripened, and today the American Rankine exhibits in the Park a hot-air machine which works as regularly as a steam engine and consumes ten times less coal.

The Swedish exhibition is small, but very honourable. A gas engine sets in motion some simple and well executed tools. Next to it is a very beautiful horizontal steam engine. Sweden being a mining country, the models of furnaces for the treatment of metals are numerous and sufficiently perfected to have been, almost all, judged worthy of reward. We wish we could demonstrate to our readers, by a description of these appliances, that the jury was only right; but, great God! we still have to make nearly three quarters of our circumnavigation.

Navigation may be said, for at every moment we find maritime objects. As in the waters of the Skager Rack, it is a metal lighthouse raised in the vicinity of Gothenburg, which we shall see last as we leave Sweden, before we find ourselves in the midst of the innumerable ships that signal us.

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