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Denmark - Expo Paris 1867

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The third Scandinavian country has nothing to report in the gallery of machines. The wound inflicted by Germany has not yet healed. Fortunately we see something beautiful at the edge of the gallery. It is simply chalk, but chalk that nature, instead of precipitating into a whitish and opaque mass, has mysteriously crystallized into a white, pure and transparent prism, which enjoys the singular property of making the objects we look through appear double. This mineral is called Icelandic spar, because the most beautiful samples come from this distant province of Denmark. The one on display weighs 197 kilograms and is worth 1700 francs. Its counterpart in the showcase is an enormous piece of cryolite, the ore of aluminium and sodium; twenty thousand tons of this new ore are now extracted in Greenland every year.

At the Exhibition one travels about as fast as one can think.

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