International Exposition of Paris 1867

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

April 1, 1867 - November 3, 1867

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What on earth can we say of Portugal? Mr. Ferrère in his comprehensive articles has done us a terrible disservice by talking about this marble bathtub, with all the comforts of a sarcophagus, which is the most beautiful ornament in the machinery gallery (Portuguese section). One thing is nice, however, and that is the pavilion. The nations that had nothing to put in the gallery we are browsing through have exhibited pavilions that repeat those of the Park as the overture of an opera repeats the tunes of the body of the score. Tunis, Japan, Rumania, Egypt, Portugal, have all put up pavilions; all these kiosks are graceful and restful to the eye.

We wondered what we could say about Portugal. A good angel gave us the answer. Portugal loves and practices freedom peacefully. Setting a good example is better than displaying cannons or models of battleships.

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