International Exposition of Paris 1867

Agriculture, Industry and Fine Arts

April 1, 1867 - November 3, 1867

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Here we find ourselves in the midst of moving machines. A very complete collection of machine tools, intended for iron work, a whole series of machines used for cotton spinning, come out of the vast workshops of Mr. Rieter, established in Winterthur, the great industrial centre of Switzerland.

Mr. Honegger has invented a reel which automatically divides the raw silks, without the worker having to do anything about it, and classifies them by thread size. This is the pearl of the Swiss exhibition, in the sixth group.

Let us also note the beautiful engine of Messrs. Sulzer Brothers and, finally, the electric meteorograph, recorder, used in Bern. This apparatus is certainly less delicate than that of P. Secchi, but its price is relatively very moderate, which will enable a large number of stations to be equipped with it, and that is the essential point.

The machines in Switzerland, southern Germany and Austria are powered by the engines of Mr Farcot.

Germany has certainly done our country a great honour by asking a French manufacturer for the driving machines it needed.

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