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Austria - Expo Paris 1867

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M. de Castellane has published an absolutely complete article on the Austrian military exhibition, which singularly facilitates our task, because this exhibition is by far the most interesting part of the Austrian section, in this gallery that is. The arsenal even gave an unusual proof of confidence, by exhibiting not only the weapons it manufactures, but even the tools used to make them.

The Sigl company, from Vienna, exhibited, in addition to two locomotives which we will discuss again, a vertical steam engine, very elegant and worthy of note.

We cannot pass over in silence a copper dome, for a sugar factory, of three meters in diameter and of only one piece.

One model of dredger has this important feature, that all movements are dependent on the running of the bucket chain, so that the sinking of the buckets, the running of the ship lengthwise and widthwise, is always proportional to the work of the dredger.

We cannot leave Austria without admiring in the collection of natural products the marvellous rock salt crystals discovered in the Vielieza mine. Let us imagine an aggregation of enormous cubes of salt, the smallest of which is more than ten centimetres on a side, and which are to the small greyish cubes of our cooking salt what Regent and Ko-hi-Noor are to the diamond powder, of which these splendid crystals have the transparency and rarity.

What beautiful experiments our physicists would do with Danish Icelandic spar and Austrian rock salt!

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