International Exhibition of Colonial, Maritime and Flemish Art Antwerp 1930

Colonial, maritime and Flemish Art

April 26, 1930 - November 4, 1930

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Latvia at the Exhibition Antwerp 1930

© Exposition d'Anvers 1930

In the Latvian pavilion we see an exhibition of the effort made and some of the results achieved during ten years of systematic reconstruction. The Maritime Department exhibits diagrams, plans of the ports and a model of a modern and powerful icebreaker which ensures navigation in the waters of Riga during the winter months. The various departments of the Ministry of Agriculture exhibit the main export items: timber and flax. Powerful cooperative societies seek to make known Latvian products still unknown in Belgium - butter and lard - and the State Statistical Office produces synoptic tables giving a general overview of Latvia's entire economic life. Private firms exhibit manufactured products, showing what foreign raw materials and colonial articles Latvia needs for its young and already interesting industry.

Finally, by exhibiting her projects for the use of the energy of the waterfalls, which only anticipate future plans for the junction of the Baltic Sea with the Black Sea through the Duna basin, Latvia will show that she is opening up a vast field of action for High Finance, and in this connection it is worth recalling that Belgian savings have provided a large part of the capital invested in the Riga tramways.

The Latvian Government hopes, through this varied exhibition, to give the visitors to its Pavilion an idea of the activity which the Authorities and the Nation have deployed since the proclamation of independence and of the resources available for the development of the economic life of Latvia.

© Guide Officiel - Anvers 1930