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Sweden-Finland - Expo Antwerp 1930

Sweden-Finland at the Exhibition Expo Antwerp 1930
© Exposition d'Anvers 1930

The Finnish pavilion has an area of about 250 square metres. The pavilion is divided into different departments, the most important of which are: a collective exhibition of wood, paper and cellulose; dairy products; sports goods, decorative arts; all the major sawmills and paper mills exhibit their products collectively.

In the tourism department, a 7-metre high map of Finland is displayed on one wall. A map of Europe, showing the distance between the various major centres and Finland, is on another wall. In the middle of this department is a model of the world's largest wooden port, Uuras (Trangsund). Decorative art, ceramics, porcelain, gold and silverware, as well as textile products, also have a special place in the Finnish pavilion. The crystals that were so successful at the Barcelona Exhibition will also be on display. Stones, colours, lacquers and cellulose, from which artificial silk is made, will also be on display.

Lastly, sports articles will be exhibited, mainly skis, which have already won great prizes at various exhibitions.

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