Canada - Expo Antwerp 1930

Canada at the Exhibition Expo Antwerp 1930
© Hersleven

See for yourself the endless variety of food products and manufactured goods that Canada delivers to markets around the world. When you buy pure Canadian food products, you can be sure that Canada's food purity laws are the strictest in the world.

Manufactured products from CANADA are made using the most modern methods.

Your raw materials, from Canada's forests and mines, are plentiful, and are found in the "vicinity of the unlimited supply of cheapest and most efficient hydro-electric power.

All this makes it possible to carry out the most economical methods of manufacture, and gives the goods the possibility of competing advantageously in the markets of the world both as regards price and quality.

All desirable information about Canadian products is gladly given on request at the Canadian Pavilion.

© Guide Officiel - Anvers 1930