Electric Farm - Expo Antwerp 1930

Electric Farm at the Exhibition Expo Antwerp 1930
© Hersleven

The "FERME ELECTRIQUE", of the Provincial Administration of Antwerp,
is worth a very careful visit. It comprises four separate buildings, namely

a) a dwelling house divided into a kitchen, a laundry, a bedroom with bathroom, and a living room. Numerous electrically operated appliances which find their application in the household will be operated there every day, by the care of the students of the rural economy schools and under the supervision of the teachers.
The interior has been arranged in such a way as to allow easy circulation for visitors.

b) A dairy, including the various appliances used for skimming, churning, kneading and cheese making, using electricity.

c) A cowshed, a stable, a pigsty, a fodder shop, a shed for agricultural machinery, a silo, hen houses, etc. All this is real, right down to the animals that occupy these various premises.

d) A building in the shape of a barn, but which, for the occasion, serves as an exhibition hall and cinema. More than 70 Belgian and foreign films about agriculture are shown here at regular times.

The inner courtyard contains a pleasure garden and a vegetable garden, laid out by the Coin de Terre organization, and even a small orchard. The whole is surrounded by a wide moat, on which we see white ducks and swans.

© Guide Officiel - Anvers 1930