International Exhibition of Colonial, Maritime and Flemish Art Antwerp 1930

Colonial, maritime and Flemish Art

April 26, 1930 - November 4, 1930

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Palace of Agriculture

Palace of Agriculture at the Exhibition Antwerp 1930

© Exposition d'Anvers 1930

On the Place du Centenaire, in the left-hand corner, between the Palais des Fêtes and the offices of the Executive Committee and the Government Commissioner, is the PALAIS DE L'AGRICULTURE, which covers about 7,500 square metres.

Surrounded by two beautiful galleries, which overlook the small pavilions of the Belgian cities, this international palace forms an imposing mass, which immediately attracts the attention of the visitor.
The main entrance on the left leads to the main hall, behind which are the section's offices. The exterior of this hall is in the shape of a Kempen country house, while the interior is a large Kempen kitchen with smoke-blackened beams, a large Flemish fireplace and antique furniture and ornaments kindly made available to the section by the Brecht Museum.

The left wing of this large hall is occupied by the pavilion of the "BELGISCHE BOERENBOND" of Leuven, with a surface area of 1,500 m2. The large stands, of modern design, give a very clear idea of the activity and progress made by this powerful agricultural association. Abundant but discreet illumination gives the many dioramas and statistics a lively impression and a well-designed presentation. Behind this pavilion we find other, smaller ones, which form a very varied and interesting group.

In the central part are the stands of the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE (2,000 m2) and those of the major fertiliser and fodder companies, etc.

The Ministry of Agriculture has a roughly square stand, in the middle of which we see magnificent flower beds and an aquarium. At the back there is a diorama of the WATER AND FOREST SERVICE. All around are the stands of the various departments of the county: large-scale livestock farming, agricultural education, horticulture, roads, fish farming, etc.
Further on, the chemical fertilizer manufacturers, of which we will mention only the firm Moreels, the "Comptoir Belge des Engrais Azotés", the "Société Belge de l'Azote", the "Société Belge des Engrais Chimiques" and the firm Van Lucke-ne, have very interesting stands with dioramas. The company Mélotte is also very well represented.

This group ends with the stand of the Hôntsch company from Dresden, which contains a very remarkable collection of villas, country houses, greenhouses, etc. in miniature.

On the other side, we find several Belgian and foreign exhibitors of agricultural and horticultural products and equipment.

Finally, the right wing contains the agricultural education section (1,040 m2), occupied by the nine BELGIAN PROVINCES. The provincial administrations and the agricultural schools exhibit here their methods of teaching and popularising agricultural and horticultural sciences Translated with (free version)