Milan World Expo 2015 - Expo Milano 2015

Feed the planet, Energy for life

May 1, 2015 - October 31, 2015

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France at the Exhibition Milan 2015

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Architect(s) : Anouk Legendre & Nicolas Desmazieres

On the occasion of the first Universal Exhibition dedicated to food safety and diversity, the French Pavilion will showcase French agriculture, fishing and agri-food on 3,600 m², of which 2,000 m² will be built.

A hall open to the city, a large roof that provides shade, pillars that support the building, light, air...

The building is a two-storey wooden construction nestled in the middle of a landscape shaped by farmers and lush vegetation. Like the market halls found throughout the region, the Pavilion France is a place of exchange but also of production.

Under the horizontal roof, this hall is like an inverted landscape. Its ceiling, full of animal and vegetable production and processed products, illustrates the French identity by expressing its great variety: from its local products to its cutting-edge agribusiness.

A sustainable building: made of Jura wood, which can be dismantled and reassembled!

Just as the Pavillon Baltard was a testament to the steel structure know-how of its time, the Pavilion France expresses contemporary know-how in terms of wood framing.

This is implemented in its most spectacular and technological form: free forms. The assemblies are invisible. The complex geometry is achieved by digital cutting.

The Pavilion France can be completely dismantled and reassembled and consists of a framework of local wood from the Jura region, less than 50 kilometres from the factory and 200 kilometres from Milan. The low-tech concept is inspired by short circuits. The architecture of this passive building highlights unique innovations in France in terms of wood architecture (invisible assemblies, complex geometry and curved shapes).

The Pavilion France is a very low-energy building designed to allow natural ventilation and cooling. It provides for through-air flows and a thermal draft process through the skylight in the centre. On the terrace, natural cooling is achieved by circulating the airflow over the floating crops.

The French Pavilion will showcase France's capacity for innovation by displaying advanced techniques in soil-less cultivation (hops on the façade, aromatic herbs on the terrace, fruit and vegetables in the restaurants).

Producing and feeding differently: the scenography
Through its pavilion and more particularly its scenography, France wishes to highlight its response to this global problem.

On the theme "Produce and feed differently", the story told to visitors will be based on the presentation of our territories and our responses: scientific and technological, while being sustainable.

The tour starts with a labyrinthine and lush garden. This nourishing garden presents a succession of landscapes illustrating the diversity and richness of our regions. Passing through cereal crops, livestock, mixed farming, market gardening, its alternating sun and shade, its educational and entertaining features, will allow visitors to be already immersed in our most beautiful territories.

In the garden you can also see a work of art by Patrick Laroche: Artichokes
This work contrasts with the classical taste, inspired by Rodin and Carpeaux who marked his first works, Patrick Laroche wanted to combine his passion for gastronomy and sculpture. This is how the "Vegetables" collection, of which this work is a part, came into being. All the sculptures are enlargements and reproductions of plants, made of bronze or resin covered with chrome paint.

The Pavilion France stands proudly at the end of this garden. Designed as a large timber-framed market, this building embodies a physical, social and cultural territory to be re-seeded with new visions of food. A landscape woven of plants and products, people and projects, it rests on powerful pillars on the ground.

The Pavilion France is both an attic and a cellar, a pantry and a kitchen, a place of delectation and tasting. The collective intelligence is expressed under this vault of abundance. Among the plantations and products, researchers, producers and consumers debate throughout the exhibition.

Perched on vast trays of agricultural trailers, LED screens provide keys to understanding the issues at stake in a playful, poetic and accessible way. Animated films summarise in three minutes France's answers to the question posed by Expo Milano 2015.

Visitors learn that to feed the planet, France intends to "produce more", "produce better", "reduce the global food divide" and "defend healthy, high-quality food".

The areas of the France Pavilion

The France Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 has three floors:

the space is organised around the large pillars that carry the 4 messages of France, which will be museographed and scenographed. It also includes a shop and a demonstration area for know-how, a bakery with bread and pastries and the partner areas.

there are the VIP areas organised in a series of large lounges that can be assembled into a single reception area.

It is accessed from the terrace, through the floating herb gardens. Another message, fragrant and perfumed, which expresses quality, refinement and sobriety while opening up new gustatory horizons.

The brasserie has terraces shaded by pergolas. Inside, the visitor is bathed in a shady atmosphere, with above-ground crops stretching to the ceiling. The atmosphere is uncluttered, with raw materials, visible networks, natural ventilation...

In this space, the "show kitchen" is noteworthy, which showcases the cooks and their know-how. It allows a visual exchange and materializes the cultural dimension of food.