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Austria - Expo Milano 2015

Austria at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Cesco 82
Architect(s) : team.breathe.austria

The Austrian pavilion unites architecture and environment to create a multi-faceted and sensory experience.
A 560 m2 forest plot has been planted to illustrate our relationship with the environment and climate.
Breathing is a natural cycle in which ecological performance comes into play. This forest plot - 100% covered with trees - represents an exemplary contribution to urban approaches.

The vegetation of this forest has a total leaf area of 43,200 m2 and thus generates 62.5 kg of fresh air per hour, thus meeting the needs of 1,800 people - making it a photosynthetic collector that contributes to the global production of oxygen.

This effect is technically exploited in the pavilion by evaporative cooling, but without an air handling system. This recreates the sensory climate of a dense forest in Austria, here reconstructed using relatively natural systems based on the cooling effect of plant evapotranspiration. The result is clearly distinguishable from the local air and climate of Milan and is therefore perceptible at various sensory levels.

Indeed, an integral use of the landscape can provide urban life forms and supply oxygen and cool the air.
This refers to Austria's policy of sustainable reforestation, which is the opposite of the worldwide deforestation that is essential for life.

Visitors to the Austrian pavilion - stimulated by their senses - embark on a sensory, scientific and artistic journey of discovery in which air provides an essential commodity.

During the six-month exhibition period, air is a common good for all visitors to experience with their senses, and a networking room generates and communicates knowledge.