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New Holland Agriculture - Expo Milano 2015

New Holland Agriculture at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Città di Parma
Architect(s) : Carlo Ratti Asso­ciati & Rec­chi Engi­neer­ing

New Holland Agriculture is the only agricultural equipment manufacturer with its own pavilion at EXPO.

In keeping with the Expo theme of "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", the New Holland pavilion has been inspired in concept, construction and themed tour experiences by its strategy as a leader in clean energy launched by the brand in 2006.
It aims to reduce farmers' overdependence on fossil fuels and promotes the production of bioenergy crops, with a particular focus on the Independent Farm Energy Project, which provides farmers with ideas and technological solutions for the independent production, in a continuous and renewable cycle, of all the energy needed on the farm.

And one of the symbols of this innovative, efficient and clean technology is the new T6 methane tractor fuelled by biomethane, which stands proudly on the sloping roof of the pavilion.
Also inside, three other agricultural machines, including a huge tracked combine harvester, take pride of place in the centre of the pavilion.

Of the various themes illustrated in the "Sustainable Farm" pavilion, two stand out.
The first, "Seeds of Life", is a video story about the lives and daily challenges of nine agricultural heroes and New Holland customers who cherish both tradition and innovation for healthy and environmentally friendly food production.
The second is the calendar gallery that celebrates 120 years of New Holland, from its beginning in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania, through the ingenious insights of its founding pioneers and a host of innovations and technological solutions that have progressively eased the burden of farming while increasing productivity, profitability, and certainly reliability.

The pavilion is a simple rectangle of 1,639 m2, with a single-sided roof sloping to the ground.
The pavilion has no foundation to facilitate dismantling, and at the end of the event, return the land to Milan intact.