Milan World Expo 2015 - Expo Milano 2015

Feed the planet, Energy for life

May 1, 2015 - October 31, 2015

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China Corporate United

China Corporate United at the Exhibition Milan 2015

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Architect(s) : Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University Ltd

The pavilion was designed by Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University Ltd (Group) taking inspiration from the power and movement of germinating seeds.

On the outside, the steel frame structure is a translucent white breathable material; the overall shape takes up the idea of "harmony between yin and yang" and "enhancing the mutual synergy between inside and outside", which explains the seeds of all beings.
Life is born from the green heart of the building. It contains the auditorium space, which spirals like the DNA chain, in an upward and elliptical path: the ramp gently accompanies visitors upwards to the open spaces, the Italian-Chinese garden and the terrace.

The elementary geometric form of the outer rectangle, elegant and light with its "breathing" membrane and glass walls, takes on harmonious inner curves to reflect the vitality of Chinese business. Its aim is to create a harmonious and natural atmosphere: during the day, the exhibition gallery makes use of the light and air of the central ring, the heart of the pavilion is in the centre of a cylinder of greenery. The natural life that flourishes here creates a unique and natural sensory experience.

The pavilion offers four visiting areas. From the first floor, starting from the exhibition hall and auditorium, visitors move down to the ground floor and semi-basement to share a direct food preparation experience and then to the restaurant and the souvenir shop.
In the exhibition hall you can see the most beautiful Chinese achievements in terms of civil engineering, engineering... and in the auditorium (more like an auditorium) you can see a sound and light show about the eventful history of a panda.

The basic design team and the architect's team are all Chinese, and all the steel structure and the necessary membrane are also made by Chinese companies.