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United Nations - Expo Milano 2015

United Nations at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire
Architect(s) : Architetti Senza Frontiere Italia - onlus

For the first time in the history of World Fairs, the UN does not have its own pavilion but is present in various areas of the exhibition site with multimedia installations that form the UN itinerary.

The UN presence is located in the thematic areas of Expo Milano 2015, starting with the Zero Pavilion, the place that illustrates more than any other the close link between the theme of the Universal Exposition and the mission of the United Nations.

The UN is also present in the Biodiversity Park, the Children's Park, the Future Food District, as well as in the nine thematic clusters, the national pavilions and the Cascina Triulza dedicated to civil society.

The central element of our logo, the spoon - blue like the United Nations flag - is the mark of recognition of our presence at Expo Milano 2015. The UN chose it as its emblem because when we talk about food and nutrition, and the challenge of eradicating hunger in the world, the spoon, which is an element common to all the world's food traditions, symbolises the idea that the Zero Hunger Challenge concerns us all.

The UN Spaces are recognisable by this large blue spoon and are located in the main thematic areas of Expo Milano 2015. The multimedia installations allow visitors to discover, with the help of videos, photos, infographics and maps, what the organisation is doing on a daily basis to eradicate hunger in the world and guarantee a sustainable future for the planet.

And above all, thanks to this itinerary, each visitor can discover how to become part of the UN's challenge, since to reach zero we need everyone's commitment.