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Amity University - Expo Milano 2015

Amity University at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire

At Expo Milano 2015, Amity University India and Global Foundation have created a platform to publicise their work and to help connect people and cultures around the world through the common language of food: "Food Connect".

Amity University of India, one of the largest private universities in the world, together with Global Foundation, a non-governmental organisation that promotes friendship between peoples through cultural exchange, which has chosen the theme of the global village, will highlight the state of research and development in India in the field of basmati rice cultivation, which forms the basis of nutrition for most of the world's population.

To this end, Amity India University and Global Foundation have designed the Basmati Pavilion, whose theme is human existence through harmony with nature, highlighting the healthy food produced by organic farming and the increased food productivity that would result from mitigating climate change, and which visitors will discover through an interactive platform developed by world-renowned scientists and researchers from Amity India University and the Basmati Rice Research Institute at Expo Milano 2015.

The Basmati Pavilion presents the ancient millennium, when biodiversity was preserved while knowledge, traditions and cultures were protected as a whole.
Feeding the planet and supplying people with food is a necessary action, but it can also be an extremely pleasant activity for humanity because the pleasure of the palate can become an instrument of knowledge.
The flavours and aromas of international cuisines tell of the history and cultures of the societies that inhabit our planet today.
Feeding our bodies also means feeding our minds with ideas, proposed solutions and projects for the future.

The Basmati Pavilion will also host the famous Indian basmati rice producer ASBAH, which, in collaboration with the Indian restaurant Rangoli, will invite a number of chefs to prepare a variety of basmati rice dishes for the enjoyment of the international visitors to Expo Milano 2015.
The Pavilion will dedicate the funds raised during the six months of the Expo to support initiatives aimed at empowering women in the world's societies through education and training.

©Expo Milano 2015