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Cascina Triulza - Expo Milano 2015

Cascina Triulza at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire

This completely renovated traditional farmhouse represents a part of Lombardy's historical, architectural and environmental heritage. The Cascina Triulza (a cascina is a farmhouse in Italian) is one of the many farmhouses that characterise the landscape around Milan and bring the city back to its peasant and agricultural origins. Restructured for Expo Milano 2015, it will be bequeathed to the city of Milan at the end of the event.

Fondazione Triulza intends to be a privileged place to represent the needs and proposals of civil society organisations and the tertiary sector, to promote the rapprochement of different cultures, to welcome and include all social subjects, starting from those who are less favoured, to encourage the active participation of citizens - especially the youngest - and to disseminate knowledge of the main themes of the Expo.

The activities of the Fondazione Triulza focus on meetings, studies and research to promote dialogue and cooperation between peoples; information and training activities to promote sustainable economy, ethical finance and responsible consumption behaviour among citizens; support for non-profit organisations that express the free initiative of citizens and operate for the common good.

The Cascina Triulza complex, which covers an area of 7900 square metres, is managed, in collaboration with Expo Milano 2015, by the Triulza Foundation, a group of numerous national and international associations, selected through a call for proposals. The Cascina Triulza is a centre for sustainable development and food research, and is home to the Civil Society Pavilion, a unique space where associations and, in partnership with civil society, international organisations, public organisations and companies can exhibit their best practices. It contains catering and reception services open to all Expo visitors.

The project moves along four thematic axes:

The Exhibition Area brings together spaces in which associations can present their own exhibition on the Expo Theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, highlighting their expertise in cooperation, sustainable development, health and food.

The Events Area includes a 200-seat auditorium, an area for seminars and workshops, and a 1700-square-metre open courtyard that can be used for educational and recreational activities and arts and cultural events.

The Market Zone is an area reserved for small producers, commercial activities and associations, which promote products and services that stand out for their attention to quality, the environment and human rights.

The Professional Zone is a place with workstations to encourage networking and collaboration between third sector associations, visitors and event staff.

©Expo Milano 2015