Milan World Expo 2015 - Expo Milano 2015

Feed the planet, Energy for life

May 1, 2015 - October 31, 2015

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KIP - International School

KIP - International School at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015

© Philippe Lemaire

Architect(s) : RIMOND – Toni Marincola & Partners

"Attractive Territories for a Sustainable World" is the title of the Pavilion at the KIP International School. It means first of all that, to feed the world, governments, companies and associations must invest in local development.

In the pavilion, visitors can meet actors from five continents who are already committed to quality development and who present their beautiful experiences.

The KIP Pavilion is designed to be an international meeting place for institutions, associations and the private sector on local development issues.
It evokes the idea of the World Village inspired by the architecture of ancient rural communities. Four simple and elegant buildings overlook a central square, a meeting place and starting point for visitors' itineraries.
The project aims to evoke rural areas, which are the guardians of the territory's natural and historical resources and of local productive and food cultures.
To reach it from the Decumanus, the visitor crosses cultivated fields and the United Nations garden, where the information panels on the food of the future are located.
The materials used are natural and sustainable with an eye to rural building traditions, such as the wooden façade panels of the buildings and the clay for the benches in the garden.
The design of the pavilion was made possible by technological innovations in 3D printing of architectural elements in collaboration with Winsun, a pioneer and world leader in 3D architectural construction.
In addition to space for exhibitions, meetings and conferences, there is a 250-seat theatre and a space for cooking demonstration activities.