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World Expo Museum - Expo Milano 2015

World Expo Museum at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire

The World Expo Museum pavilion, co-constructed with the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions), World Expo Museum and Expo 2015 SpA, is an independent 500m2 pavilion located in the Bio-mediterraneum Cluster. It is a first for the World Expo Museum to participate in an Expo as an unofficial participant, and to have an independent pavilion called "World Expo Museum".

The main thematic display of the World Expo Museum Pavilion is the "EXPO x EXPOS: Official BIE Travelling Exhibition" with the theme of "It all starts with Expo". The exhibition reflects the history of Expo since 1851 and describes the role of Expo in promoting and combining human culture and art from the perspective of human civilisation and the World Expo.

EXPO x EXPOS is a platform for promoting knowledge of the Expo and the concept, which allows visitors to discover the immersive charm of the Expo, enhancing their understanding of the Expo themes, provoking their reflection of the Expo by demonstrating the enormous contribution of the Expo to contemporary society and the improvement of human life, as well as the multi-dimensional showcase of the anecdotes of the Expo pavilions and the Expo exhibitions.

Expo Milano 2015 is a nugget of the modern Expo, which inherits and interprets the theme of "sustainable development" from the modern Expo. Only by understanding the history of the World Expo can visitors better experience the Milan Expo and interpret the meaning of "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".


"Everything begins with Expo" underlines the profound understanding of Expo in human civilisation and progress in the last century. The World Expo is not only the collector and displayer of scientific achievements, but also the supporter and promoter of human civilization. World Expo Museum offers a complete panorama of the exhibitions through a perspective that facilitates understanding through the evolution of societies and cities, national identities, the development of industry and technology, the role of the arts and the different axiomatic positions arising in history.

The exhibition consists of four parts:
Preface Hall: World Fairs and the World
The History of the World Fairs
The World Expo Museum
The future of World Fairs
At the same time, the exhibition presents a series of classic wines and cuisines throughout the history of the Expo in a playful and interactive way, integrating the theme of "food" into Milan Expo.

"Expo x Expos" offers visitors elegant and comfortable immersive environments through large amounts of scenery, visual graphic panels, display window exhibits, and various multimedia exhibits, assisted by elegant museum lighting in navy blue which is the BIE's colour.

The exhibition is a combination of multimedia technologies and traditional crafts.
Physical exhibits: openly display art installations; more than 40 models and sculptures associated with the Expo world history (the Crystal Palace model, the Eiffel Tower model, etc.); and about 80 pieces of valuable manuscripts and documents from the Expo.
Multimedia exhibits: visitors can pick up a pair of 3D glasses to enjoy 3D movies; there are clips on the history of Expo embedded in the panels; various multimedia presentations offering visitors a visual and audio feast.