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Spices - Expo Milano 2015

Spices at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire
Architect(s) : Michele Brunello, Pierluigi Salvadeo, Corrado Longa, Silvia Bertolotti

The staging displays the maps that once guided the navigators who set out to discover the world in search of spices.
It invites visitors on a journey between cultures based on a series of "sensory zones" that combine tastings, installations and performances.

The cluster consists of a total exhibition area of 3,702 m2 and an exhibition area of 875 m2.
There are great differences throughout the world in the cultivation, preparation and use of spices in cooking, in medicine, in social and cultural rituals and on the edge of magic.
The tour shows the visitor the specificities of the different countries belonging to the cluster.

The countries represented in this cluster are


Brunei Darussalam

United Republic of Tanzania


©Expo Milano 2015