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Drylands - Expo Milano 2015

Drylands at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire
Architect(s) : Michele Zini, Alessandro Biamonti, Barbara Camocini

A sandstorm in the middle of the desert: this is the image on which the concept of this cluster is based, symbolising the difficulty of living and exploiting the land in arid regions where, however, vital hidden resources remain.

The multitude of semi-transparent cylinders hanging from the ceiling evoke and recreate this unique atmosphere. The pavilions resemble rocks that one discovers upon entering this metaphorical sandstorm.

The cluster consists of a total area of 4030 m2 and an exhibition area of 1250 m2.

The pavilions become visible when the visitor enters the cluster and, while walking around, encounters a kind of oasis: the water fountain in the common area. The latter space hosts events and performances that aim to deepen our knowledge of the characteristics of drylands, their problems and resources.

At the end of the cluster there is a market, where everyone can buy and taste the fruits that, surprisingly, these lands manage to produce.

The countries represented in this cluster are









©Expo Milano 2015