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Netherlands - Expo Milano 2015

Netherlands at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© victorillen
Architect(s) : Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions, TOTEMS Amsterdam and DVP Europe Eventmarketing

"Sharing, growing, living" is the theme of the Holland pavilion, which is characterised by a colourful design to trigger curiosity. It is easily recognisable thanks to the large illuminated "Holland" sign.
The Dutch pavilion at the Milan World Expo is really different from all the others, it is the only open air pavilion, directly accessible from all sides, no long queues at the entrance.
Inspired by the many summer festivals, it recreates the festive and fun atmosphere of such events.

The 'pavilion' consists of nine trucks offering different foods. Entrepreneurs from the Netherlands each offer their own product and, above all, their own story in their own truck.
Each element and truck contributes to the experience, sometimes surprisingly so, such as La Molina, the world's only 'Ferris wheel' restaurant.

In a large glass structure, called the greenhouse effect, you can discover the principle of sharing food.
This large greenhouse with a roof terrace, offers a taste of the multifunctional Dutch horticulture.
Here you can taste a daily menu that combines Italian and Dutch cuisine.
The space is also used for various events such as company presentations and food workshops.

Visitors can visit the permanent exhibition, dedicated to the history of the relationship between the Netherlands and food, and the temporary exhibitions, which explore a range of topics such as nanotechnology or bio-technology, the importance of spices in cooking or healing with food.