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Ecuador - Expo Milano 2015

Ecuador at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Michael Wahl
Architect(s) : Zorrozua y Asociados

Ecuador is participating for the first time in a World Expo with a national pavilion, with the aim of showing the world the essence of the Ecuadorian people, the richness of its natural and human resources, and its cultural and environmental heritage.

The pavilion covers an area of more than 800 square metres, on three levels, in which Ecuador shows itself as a country of biodiversity, with its four regions: the mountains, the coast, the jungle and the Galapagos (Amazonia, the coast, the Sierra or Andean mountain range and the islands) which, together with the contribution of the country's many ethnic groups, have given rise to a variety that is reflected in its gastronomic cultures.

It is a country where it is possible to taste dishes that range from the typical fish and seafood dishes of the coast, to the grains and cereals of the Andes, to the preparations of the Amazonian ethnic groups.

The theme chosen, "Journey to the Centre of Life", underlines the fact that Ecuador occupies a central location in the heart of our Planet, the word "centre" recalling the origin, essence and beginning of everything.
With this title, which recalls Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Ecuador wishes to pay tribute to Darwin's voyage aboard the Beagle to the Galapagos Islands, which the naturalist defined as the "Centre of Creation" and which was fundamental to the development of the theory of evolution.

The tour is divided into four parts:
-The first, "A Diverse Country", shows the different regional landscapes that make up the essence of the country's identity; an interactive presentation, through monumental projections and 3D holograms, reflects images of all the places in the four regions of the country.
-The second, "Food" as a general social fact, is richer in content and information, and seeks to explain what is behind each dish, through a selection of products representative of traditional Ecuadorian gastronomy. In addition, the main products offered by Ecuador on the international market are represented: cocoa, bananas and shrimps.
-The third part of the journey, "Living Well" (in Quechua Sumak Kawsay) is a cinema where visitors can get a better understanding of the various facets of this country.
Finally, the fourth part, "Amor", is characterised by a restaurant and a multi-purpose area full of life.