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Russia - Expo Milano 2015

Russia at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Michael Wahl
Architect(s) : Speech Sergey Tchoban, Alexey Ilyin et Marina Kuznetskaya

The Russian pavilion is a 3260 m2 building with a virtually repeating structure and a rather narrow elongated parallelepiped configuration, where a dynamic cantilever extends over the main entrance to the pavilion.

The 30-metre cantilever has a striking curved shape, giving the structure an unforgettable silhouette that is clearly visible in the EXPO panorama.
On the side of the main entrance, the cantilever is lined with polished stainless steel, so that not only does it provide protection for visitors from the rain or sun, but also at night it reflects the light of the lanterns. This cantilever has even become an 'attraction' - a giant mirror in which people can see themselves and take pictures.

One of the key ideas of this project was the continuity of the architectural tradition of the Soviet Union and Russia, which has been presented at World Fairs for over 100 years.
All the common features of the past pavilions can be clearly traced in their architectural appearance: the pavilions have a dynamic, simple and easy-to-remember form, this is the idea that the SPEECH architects tried to embody in their design using the language of contemporary architecture.

Wood was chosen as the main material - at the same time it is the most environmentally friendly and traditional for Russian architecture.
The entire upper level of the pavilion is finished with wood panelling, while the lower level consists of transparent and opaque glass.
The entrance hall is made of transparent glass and is an accessible, intrinsically conventional boundary between the territory of the EXPO and the Russian exhibition.

The interiors of the pavilion area are also designed by SPEECH: the mirrored ceiling is taken up by the supporting columns cut from stainless steel, and the oval reception counter is made of wood, to express the rhythm of the slats are arranged on the side facades of the building.

Inside the pavilion, real objects and interactive tours, made possible by advanced technologies, allow visitors to discover agricultural production, the variety of natural environments and climatic zones present on Russian territory, the contributions made by Russian scientists to the world of agriculture and food security, as well as the ethnic cuisines and regional products of the different peoples living in the country.

After exploring the Russian exhibition, visitors can go up to the roof to enjoy the gardens and an exceptional view of the entire exhibition site.