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CIBUSéITALIA - Expo Milano 2015

CIBUSéITALIA at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Città di Parma
Architect(s) : Studio DI GREGORIO ASSOCIATI

The "CIBUSèITALIA" Pavilion was designed to promote the image of the food industry and Italian brands.
The concept was to showcase the Made in Italy food industry in an exhaustive showcase, along a pathway organised into commodity sectors offering a complete panorama of Made in Italy food production.
A tale telling the history of the Italian food industry, the treasures of the territory, the uniqueness of the products and the inspiration of the entrepreneurs who founded the industry and who over the years have developed and innovated.

pavilion architecture

The architectural elements designed by the Studio di GREGORIO ASSOCIATI, identify the pavilion as a monolith reflecting the light and playing with flashes of colour always "natural" and changing.
A modular framework presents cultural and functional events, fully visible, urbanistic and fully integrated with the exhibition site.
This small neutral building enhances the visual and physical artistic performances, becoming a fine perceptual boundary, a metaphor for a new theatre whose stage is open and enjoyable to all visitors to Expo 2015.


In collaboration with Sermedia, the interior of the CIBUSèITALIA pavilion proposes an itinerary through the 13 agricultural food chains (milk and cheese, pasta, rice, sweets & snacks, vegetables, meat and cured meat, beef, oil, condiments, canned seafood, Italian drinks, nutrition, poultry) and three thematic areas (sustainable development, brand & taste, territory).
A journey through the two floors of the pavilion, allowing buyers and visitors to understand the value of Italian products and brands.


During the exhibition, the artist Felice Limosani creates a fresco on the walls of the building, transforming the pavilion into a work of art.