Milan World Expo 2015 - Expo Milano 2015

Feed the planet, Energy for life

May 1, 2015 - October 31, 2015

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South Korea

South Korea at the Exhibition Milan 2015

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Architect(s) : Archiban

The theme
Hansik, food of the future: You are what you eat
Everyone has a favourite type of food. The countless different types of food depending on culture, environment, and people's preferences make it difficult to know people.
So to get to know the visitors better, many questions are asked: "How will you eat? What are you going to eat? How long will it take? ".
The reason this question is asked is that the food we eat every day sustains our bodies, propels our lives and shapes the cultures to which we belong.
With Hansik (Korean food) as the theme of the Korea Pavilion, the ancient traditions of Korean food, which has its roots deep in harmony with nature, presents a feasible and sustainable food alternative that can be used for all future generations.

The pavilion
The Moon Jar: Architectural symbol of the Korea Pavilion.
The architecture of the Korea Pavilion was inspired by the design of a moon jar, a traditional Korean porcelain ceramic.
The name comes from its lunar shape and milky white colour.
The curvature and subtle accents create an overall feeling of simplicity and harmonious balance with the surrounding environment.

Although the Expo Milano site was planned with a geometric "Decumanus" structure of Roman inspiration, the Korea Pavilion was designed with a traditional organic Korean form.
In this way, it conveys a message of harmony between East and West.

The pavilion is divided into 5 exhibition areas:

1 - What our body tells us.
The first zone deals with issues concerning contemporary eating habits and culinary culture.
The exhibition focuses on the food crisis we are experiencing today by expressing through the works the problems caused by overeating, overproduction and depletion of food resources.

2 - Hansik: Ask and Korean Wisdom will answer
"Symphony of Food: Balance" is an exhibition that symbolically illustrates the wholesomeness and harmonious composition of Hansik, which consists of all elements, including seasons, colours, and various ingredients.
A multimedia show here depicts the concept of harmony, and the moving screen and floor is used to show the balance of food and the sum of all objects in nature.

3 - Hansik: Ask and Korean Wisdom will answer
"Science of Time: Fermentation" is an exhibition made with a traditional earthen vessel called onggi.
Fermentation , the scientific feature of Hansik which includes the process of disintegration and synthesis of new ingredients through the formation and activity of yeast , is produced and illustrated on a large sphere .

4 - Hansik: Ask and Korean Wisdom will answer
"Earth Wisdom: Storage" produces the atmosphere of the place.
Onggi used to be buried, as its porous material allows "breathing", something essential to all living beings.
Onggi represents the wisdom of Koreans through the traditional science of preserving Korea from absorbing the vital energy of the earth and preserving solar energy.

5 - Hansik: Food for the Future
The final exhibition space expresses the value of Hansik as a food resource and the future of the earth.
Using a refreshing green landscape a huge circular hall of 16 meters in diameter, it allows visitors to see Hansik as a sustainable and future-friendly natural food that is based on scientific grounds.
The Korea Pavilion offers all visitors the opportunity to look back on their culinary culture through these exhibits and share ideas on the future of food.