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Decumanus and Cardo - Expo Milano 2015

Decumanus and Cardo at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Fabio Maglio

The design of the exhibition site is based on the classical grid system used in Roman cities, with two main streets, the cardo (north-south) and the decumanus (east-west).

A large central square, called Piazza Italia, is located at the intersection of these two axes.

The international participants are located along the decumanus, while the Italian exhibitions are grouped along the cardo.


The cardo is the central artery, 35m wide and 325m long, which connects the Piazza d'Acqua in the north of the square with the Via d'Acqua in the south.

On each side of the Cardo are a series of temporary buildings, with a total surface area of 13,700m2 on 3 floors.

The idea is to reconstitute an Italian village along the Cardo, by creating juxtaposed volumes with small squares, terraces and covered walkways.

Different geometric shapes, sometimes overhanging, are assembled to form almost a giant mosaic in which each piece has its own design and autonomy.

The buildings along the Cardo present the different parts of Italy, in particular the regions, providing them with meeting spaces and exhibition areas.