Milan World Expo 2015 - Expo Milano 2015

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May 1, 2015 - October 31, 2015

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Turkmenistan at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015

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Architect(s) : Tilke Engineers and Architects

The concept
Turkmenistan is the homeland of ancient civilizations that have left an extraordinary cultural heritage as a legacy to all mankind. The pavilion is themed "Water is Life".
This area, which is crossed by the Silk Road, was already called "the crossroads of the seven roads of the world" in the past.
In the wake of this tradition, Turkmenistan is very rich in natural, biological and cultural resources with a great economic acceleration, among the fastest in the world.

In recent years, the country has developed and implemented an important investment programme to enhance its infrastructure and agricultural production.
As regards food production, the objective of Turkmenistan is sustainability, environmental protection and water saving. Turkmenistan's world-famous melons, or "waharman", play an important role in the country's exports, along with other typical food industry products.

The Pavilion design
The Pavilion displays traditional and modern symbols of Turkmenistan.
The 1500 square metre pavilion, designed by Tilke Engineers and Architects, presents traditional Turkmen handicrafts both inside and outside through decorative elements and as part of its exterior design.
A water fountain at the entrance reproduces the heads of the world's oldest breed of horse, the "Ahal-Tekke".
Near the main entrance, the visitor discovers the wooden structure of a traditional Turkmen yurt and a large LED carpet that recalls some of the most beautiful ancient Turkmen carpets.
The pavilion is bordered on one side by a huge LED screen in the shape of large drops measuring approximately 250 square metres and by a large waterfall.
The interior of the structure, which follows the model of the capital Ashgabat, is articulated on three white marble floors for which the country's capital, Ashgabat, is known and which are just waiting to be explored by visitors.
The Pavilion addresses the themes of quality food production, biodiversity and health, through large hand-woven carpets, a fountain with projections, a 5D cinema and a real traditional yurt on the roof and a stage for various performances.
The ground floor restaurant and rooftop bar invite visitors to taste and savour traditional Turkmen dishes.