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Hungary - Expo Milano 2015

Hungary at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
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Architect(s) : Attila Ertsey, Ágnes Herczeg and Sándor Sárkány

The philosophy behind Hungary's participation in Expo Milano 2015 is the interplay between food safety, a healthy lifestyle, ensuring food safety and
between food safety, a healthy lifestyle, ensuring food security and conserving biodiversity for future
conservation of biodiversity for future generations.

The exhibition is organised around
three main themes: healthy traditions, where visitors can learn about the Hungarian quality agricultural model; the land of water, which presents the richness of water resources and the cities of Hungary, which are
water resources and the water cities that characterise Hungary; Legacy for the Future, which examines the role of research and innovation in protecting local animal and plant species ("ungaric"); and species ("ungaricums") and the importance of organic farming against genetic mutations.