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Israel - Expo Milano 2015

Israel at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Ignacio Gallego
Architect(s) : David Knafo


The pavilion designed by architect David Knafo focuses attention on the land of Israel.
Avant Video System (AVS) designed the pavilion, which represents Israeli agriculture.
For this reason, the main part of the structure has been transformed into a "vertical field" cultivated with the best of Israeli food production.
This vertical field is breathtaking.
The vertical garden respects all the rules of eco-architecture, it is made only with recycled materials and respects the Gold LEED certification.
The irrigation system, which was made in Israel, saves water waste and reduces pollutant emissions.

The technology used in the construction of the pavilion reflects the same standard.
The structure has no base, the floor is cooled by a system of tubes where water flows reducing the use of air conditioning to a minimum and with a ceiling ventilation system.
Numerous shaded areas and air circulation zones have been created.
The structure had to be simple to build and dismantle, with the guarantee that the land would be as it was before, after the pavilion was dismantled, and therefore without impact on the landscape.


The Israel pavilion reflects the needs of the region in which it is located.
In Milan, during Expo 2015, there will be millions of visitors, about 20 million.
Considering this high number of visitors, people will probably have to visit the exhibition more than once to see all the pavilions.
For this reason, Israel decided to create such an iconographic structure, easily recognisable and visible from the different areas of the Expo site.
The vertical field attracts the attention of the visitors and is 70 metres long and 12 metres high.
Israel agreed to participate in Expo 2015 in Milan in the spirit of commitment to the theme of the exhibition.
Therefore, the choice of installing a vertical field is not only an aesthetic choice but also a useful one.
The vertical field of the "Fields of Tomorrow" pavilion was created not only to be a decorative structure, but above all to represent the main challenge of the world today: the fight against hunger with sustainable solutions and innovative technologies.
This is what the vertical field represents.
The main crops are corn, rice and wheat, so on the vertical field there will be these three types of plants, which will be cultivated with a drip irrigation system.
Israel is a young nation with a 3000 year old tradition, and in less than 70 years it has managed to transform an arid area into a fertile one.
Even though Israel has limited natural resources, it has managed to develop strong agricultural productivity through innovative methods.
The Israeli pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan is a knowledge granary.
Israel intends to share its knowledge with the rest of the world, it wants to do so in honour of the women and men who make this miracle happen every day, those who are able to move mountains just with their will, because if you dream... anything can happen.


The experience at the Israel Pavilion exhibition has been designed with the visitor's enjoyment in mind.
Giving the visitor the opportunity to see many exhibits during the Expo, we decided to create an easy tour that can offer a high quality experience.
The Israel pavilion consists of 2 main experiences. The waiting room is part of the tour where visitors can witness a technological anticipation of the next steps of the tour.

The first area presents Israeli agriculture, from the beginning to the present day, using a multi-sensory experience with 3D screens and multi-directional sounds.
The second area contains a wall of LEDs that creates sculptures that represent agricultural technology.
At the end of the tour, visitors can relax in the pavilion gardens where an information point is located.