Kazakhstan - Expo Milano 2015

Kazakhstan at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire

The Kazakh pavilion, occupying 2,000 m2, demonstrates the country's agricultural diversity by welcoming visitors with kumys (fermented mare's milk).

The first room tells the history of the country through "drawing", a woman draws in real time with sand historical scenes that illustrate the words that are told to us.

The second exhibition room presents a pool with sturgeon specially bred in Kazakhstan but also presents endangered fish species, the problem of the Aral Sea and solutions to these problems are also presented.

The pavilion organisers have managed to show the weak points of the country's agricultural sector, as well as highlighting its richness.

A third room, a 4D cinema, presents contemporary Kazakhstan

A more important task of the pavilion is to present Kazakhstan as the host of EXPO 2017.