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Kuwait - Expo Milano 2015

Kuwait at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Ignacio Gallego
Architect(s) : Studio Italo Rota

The pavilion, whose theme is "a fertile and hospitable land", is built through the appropriate use of natural resources.

It is also an opportunity to talk about current ideas and solutions for food production in Kuwait and to strengthen existing relations with Italy and its people.

The architectural project, designed by Italo Rota, represents the extraordinary blend of cultural tradition and scientific modernity that are the basis of contemporary Kuwaiti society and identity, the modelling of the pavilion's appearance refers to the "Kuwaiti" sails of traditional boats (Dhow) still in use in the waters of the Persian Gulf, in addition to the area of hydroponic greenhouses and agricultural systems in Kuwait.

The tour itinerary is a sensory experience consisting of a number of stations, interactive and multimedia applications.
Winkler Multi Media Events AG was responsible for the planning and technical realisation of the "Challenge of Nature" pavilion of the State of Kuwait in record time and on schedule.

The State of Kuwait has installed a kind of sailing ship that is open to the public and contains a display of the natural elements: sun, heat and rain. Visitors to the pavilion can witness the metamorphosis of an almost lunar desert landscape, which is transformed into a green landscape by a rain shower.

Visits to the pavilion are made in groups of up to 70 visitors who are welcomed at the entrance and the show can begin: the sunrise, the waterfall, all the projections and the sound environment are programmed with great precision and the show is orchestrated thanks to a timecode.

One of the first elements that appears to the visitors, at the entrance of the pavilion of this state located in the middle of the desert, is an artificial sun that attracts them and welcomes them.

Then, in the space entitled "The Miracle of Water", rain, lightning and thunder are the order of the day.

Desert, Sun and Water illustrates how the cooperation of education, technology and science has helped Kuwaitis build a modern, energetic and ambitious society capable of contributing to global development and feeding the world.

Thus, the exhibition presents a large number of sustainable projects that Kuwait has developed in the fields of desalination and water reuse, renewable energy, humanitarian aid, agricultural development and fisheries resources.

The journey ends by introducing the public to the great hospitality and energy of Kuwaiti society in a large area that replicates a traditional souk, where visitors can discover and purchase traditional products.

The Kuwait pavilion is designed to represent the natural resources that are essential for the development of life, such as water and light.

This is the reason why sustainable devices and technologies, both active and passive, have been applied to every aspect of the pavilion's realisation, in order to limit the use of building materials and their impact on the environment.