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Lithuania - Expo Milano 2015

Lithuania at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Cesco 82
Architect(s) : UAB “JAS”

The Pavilion consists of two identical cubic buildings linked by a series of interconnecting walkways, covering a total of 1,147 square metres.
The two cubes symbolise a balance between old and new, tradition and innovation, natural products and virtual technology, theory and practice.

The pavilion is built according to the latest standards of environmental protection and sustainability.

Pavilion idea: balance

With the intention of providing a pleasant space for visitors, the ground floor is planned as an open-air space with a bar and catering service and event venue.
One block of the building is dedicated to an exhibition that reflects tradition, while the other presents the innovations and achievements of Lithuanian agriculture, food industry and contemporary cuisine characteristics.

The Volumetric Scenario connects the indoor and outdoor space, and allows visitors to access and circulate within the exhibition space by offering various experiences.