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Qatar - Expo Milano 2015

Qatar at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
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Qatar is participating in the Universal Exhibition - Expo Milano 2015 - with the theme "Sowing sustainability. Innovative solutions for food security" in a pavilion covering 2,451 square metres.

The pavilion concept is inspired by the authentic past, when the desert climate forced the Qatari people to overcome challenges.
Linked to this idea is the message of the Qatar Pavilion, which offers solutions and production models to address the problems associated with agricultural production in arid lands, an open challenge not only for Qatar but for the world.

Qatar's vision for Expo 2015 is to build a Pavilion with a unique design that reflects history, heritage, a vibrant present and a promising future in food.
Qatar's methodology for sustainable development is based on safeguarding the environment and its resources and using modern technologies.
The Pavilion highlights Qatar's involvement in a number of issues of international and regional interest.

The majestic design of the Qatar Pavilion is inspired by the "Jafeer", the traditional food basket of palm leaves.
The jafeer is a key part of Qatar's food history and has been used to store food and valuable foodstuffs during periods of drought.
It is also a symbol of trade and commerce, considered a highlight in Qatar's history.
The Jafeer is skilfully integrated into the events of the Qatar Pavilion and helps to link the concept of the exhibition to all its aspects.

The Pavilion offers visitors a unique experience through a pleasant journey through its different sections.
You are immediately greeted by Qatari generosity, followed by an interactive journey through state-of-the-art technology.
Among other things, in the Pavilion all development projects related to education, health, sport and culture are presented in detail.

The different exhibitions of the pavilion:


On the first floor it is possible to explore the basic elements of the Food Security Matrix developed by the National Food Security Program (QNFSP) and which establishes the rules for the entire Qatari food chain.

Despite its arid climate, Qatar has adopted several innovative measures to improve the productivity of its farms.
Qatar is also the leader of the Global Dry Land Alliance, an organisation that aims to reduce desertification, improving the future of an estimated 2 billion people in over 60 countries.

SECTION 1: My Qatar, My Life, Our Countries

At the entrance visitors are immersed in a world entirely dedicated to Qatar, they are greeted by hologram ambassadors, while interactive screens will provide information and images of a dynamic and unique country.
Visitors can enjoy video statements from Qatari residents and expatriates who present the different facets of their lives, offering different perspectives on the country.
Visitors can discover how Qatar has become a modern country.

SECTION 2: Come to Discover Our Sofra

Qatari women are famous for their legendary hospitality.
Qatar's culinary habits and its evolution over time are represented on an interactive table, where traditional dishes and eating habits are projected, followed by real objects used to welcome visitors.
All around one can enjoy: videos, graphic panels, an interactive wall on heritage and traditions in celebration of Qatari festivities, an art wall for children and the Food Security Matrix.
Visitors can enjoy a complete experience that starts from Qatari traditions like Ramadan and the coffee ritual, to discovering the work Qatar is doing for food security.

SECTION 3: Sowing Sustainability for a Better Future

A section devoted entirely to the complex process Qatar is undertaking to have sustainable agriculture established.
How Qatar is striving to achieve this goal is presented through a large interactive digital book, which tells the story of the "Filaha Project" and an interactive wall which illustrates the plants mentioned in the Quran.
Both representations show how the country manages to preserve and enhance its ancient wisdom, while at the same time visitors can see and explore all the new technologies developed.
The reproduction of the interior of greenhouses shows how Qatar grows using hydroponic methods and biological pesticides while analytical videos show the recovery of water from the atmosphere and new solar technologies.

SECTION 4: Food Trade and Transportation in Qatar

Visitors have the chance to see how Qatar has developed in terms of trade.
This area will showcase the innovative solutions developed for food transportation and storage via conveyor belts, hanging cartons and shipping crates, all aimed at highlighting the importance of keeping products fresh and safe.

SECTION 5: Global Presence

This section presents Qatar's global agricultural investments, its involvement in international issues and its commitment to ensuring a better future for generations to come. Floating spherical videos and digital environments will show Qatar's national food security programme for its overseas farms, while postcards show on a digital wall how Qatar trades with the rest of the world.
Visitors are pleasantly surprised by how Qatar is spending on global sustainability and nutrition issues through the Global Dry Land Alliance.


The Jafeer on the upper floor is a strong feature of the Qatar Pavilion. While on the outside the arabesques evoke the country's rich heritage, on the inside it tells the story of its future where green technology is predominant.

The Jafeer, the centre of the pavilion, can accommodate over 300 people at a time and features a fascinating multimedia show. Participants are immersed in an interactive journey through the life of Qatar, where special attention will be given to the challenges of the arid land, to the traditions of the kitchen and to technological development. From climatic aridity to urban and industrial environments, visitors get a full experience of life in Qatar, with an even more distinct appreciation of the country's commitment to sustainable technologies and water security.


On the ground floor there is the Souk, where it is presented how Qatar preserves its cultural heritage and pays tribute to ancient wisdom to find new solutions.
Rites and dishes, traditional dishes cooked in festivals, take visitors on a captivating journey through the history of Qatar to the present day.

Souq Area & Restaurants

The Kids' Activity area gives children the chance to be part of the Expo experience. Parents can enjoy this section of the Pavilion by having fun in the Sidra Restaurant or in the Souq, a reconstruction of typical Middle Eastern market areas that will allow visitors to experience the culture of Qatar.
The focus is more on food and how it is presented and sold in Qatar.
Spices, breads, pastries and Khoos shop are part of the souk and, together with henna artists, make the Pavilion Qatar experience even more special.
Fishing tackle and nets, kitchen accessories and Madbesah are presented in the traditional Qatari setting, while audio and video on the history of cooking complete this memorable experience.