Milan World Expo 2015 - Expo Milano 2015

Feed the planet, Energy for life

May 1, 2015 - October 31, 2015

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Argentina at the Exhibition Milan 2015

© Philippe Lemaire

Architect(s) : PICO

With its theme "Argentina feeds you" Argentina presents its country in a context of national policies that are closely aligned with the central theme of Expo Milano 2015, "Feeding the planet, energy for life.

The Argentine pavilion was designed to represent a series of silos joined together, giving the image of interconnected metal gears.

This proposal conveys the clear message that Argentina is much more than a "producer" of raw materials.

Walk around the pavilion to discover a country with a very efficient development in terms of value-added products, which favours industrialisation based on technical know-how and innovation as the main pillars of equal growth opportunities for its inhabitants.

But in spite of these 2000 m2, the pavilion presents almost nothing: two wooden models on the top floor, and on the curved walls a film is projected continuously, showing images of fields, cereals, vegetables... The ground floor is mainly a bar where you can eat or drink some local specialities.

But the added value of this building is undoubtedly the performance of El Choque Urbano and their show "Crisoles" which animates, energizes and illuminates this pavilion with folkloric dances, Argentinean tango, hip hop... on a frantic rhythm of percussions made with recycled materials.