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Turkey - Expo Milano 2015

Turkey at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© victorillen
Architect(s) : DDF (dream Design factory)


Turkey, the home of agriculture, has had a very special place in agriculture and nutrition thanks to the fusion of its geography, climate, nature and culture identified with the benevolence of its people for centuries.
The theme of the pavilion, centred on the lessons and experiences of a 12,000 year history, is embodied by the pomegranate fruit.
As one of Turkey's agricultural riches, "Nar", pomegranate in Turkish, represents diversity in unity.
"Nar" is both singular and plural, and is the symbol of fertility and abundance in the world.
This fruit has come to be associated with positive attributes in many cultures and religions.
"Nar" encompasses each and every one of our values and, by its very nature, is willing to share its values with the rest of the world.
Our theme of "digging into history for the food of the future", inspired by the opulent and abundant attributes of "Nar", is embedded and displayed throughout the architectural and contextual design and formation of the Turkish pavilion.

Architecture & Design

The Turkish pavilion consists of 3 main divisions, semi-open air and open air on a total area of 4,170 square meters, which includes 7 distinct semi-open air zones.
Of these areas, 5 are designed for thematic events and the other two as a Turkish restaurant and souvenir shop.
The main entrance to the Pavilion is on the outdoor area, where a perforated roof is crowned with a modern interpretation of the Seljuk steel star.
Throughout the architectural design, Turkish values are reflected through the fountains, stones, traditional Turkish house, Turkish glassware 'Çesm-i Bülbül' and special diets belonging to Turkish culture.

Restaurant, Tea and Coffee Garden

In the outdoor area of the pavilion, there is such an authentic space where visitors can enjoy Turkish tea and coffee in the shade of the plane trees right next to the famous Ottoman fountain.
In addition, Bazaar, Kiosks and Anatolian Food Table are also available in the outdoor area, which hosts periodic exhibitions and workshops with ingenious touches on the specialties of Turkish history and culture.
The design of the pavilion's semi-outdoor division, which opens onto a courtyard that is reserved for cultural events, receptions, shows and performances, is inspired by vaults and caravanserais.
The interior division consists of an office building that reflects the form and style of world-renowned traditional houses.


The library includes both print and digital books on food and nutrition from Turkish history, Turkey's agricultural policies, food aid programmes around the world as well as national food bulletins, presentations on a more nutritionally sustainable world and other printed materials on nutrition and food.