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Slovenia - Expo Milano 2015

Slovenia at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Cesco 82
Architect(s) : SoNo Arhitekti

Slovenia is appearing at Expo Milano 2015 with its own pavilion, under the slogan "I Feel Slovenia, Green.Active.Healthy".

Architectural design of the Slovenian pavilion by SoNo arhitekti d.o.o.

Construction of the pavilion by Lumar IG d.o.o.

SoNo Architects are a new generation of Slovenian architects in the creation of high quality modern architecture which constitutes a mixture of architectural theory, study and research of locations, innovation and experimentation with modern materials and construction methods.

Lumar Ig is one of the leading manufacturers of low-energy prefabricated wooden buildings in Slovenia.
The company offers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions and is active on both the Slovenian and foreign markets.

The Slovenian pavilion

The design of the Slovenian pavilion's pyramid, based on a dynamic geometric pattern, is reminiscent of the country's landscape - the Alpine mountains, the Pannonian plain and the Mediterranean hills, while the pavilion's interior is reminiscent of arable land with a vast labyrinth of underground karst caves with abundant stalactites and stalagmites.
The pavilion is made of natural materials - wood and glass.
Slovenia is one of the most densely forested countries in Europe, which makes wood a strategic raw material.
Slovenia also has an exceptional historical heritage. For example, the world's oldest known wooden wheel with an axle was found in Slovenia.

Slovenia's history is a love story of nature.
Its name - sLOVEnia - even has the English word "love" in it! The story of "Five buckwheat grains to keep Slovenia GREEN, HEALTHY and ACTIVE" is presented to visitors of the Slovenian pavilion through interactive and multimedia features.
The tour of the Slovenian pavilion promotes awareness in small steps so that we can all do something good for ourselves, for Slovenia and for the Earth.
Visitors are introduced to the five buckwheat grains, symbolising the five senses of the national brand slogan "I feel Slovenian".
Traditionally grown in Slovenia, buckwheat is a particularly healthy grain, an important crop for consumers, farmers and even bees.
Slovenia is presented through five main themes: salt marshes, bees, thermal and mineral waters, hiking and cycling, and measuring black carbon particles.