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Italian Chocolate Districts - Expo Milano 2015

Italian Chocolate Districts at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire

The Italian Chocolate Districts project, within the area dedicated to Cocoa and Chocolate, presents the role played by the three main Italian chocolate regions: Turin-Piedmont, Umbria-Perugia and Sicily-Modica.

The space, of about 200 square metres, houses the excellent traditional specialities typical of the three regions, throughout history, which have created a link between Italy and the production of quality chocolate.

In particular, each region has provided a display area in the pavilion inside which is presented and offered to the public a wide universal range of chocolate products representing various typical and local artisans.

The specially designed furniture is an integral part of the visit and helps to guide the visitor on a "journey" full of emotions and information: a selection of images and historical dates allows visitors to delve into the origins, milestones and current of the three main Italian chocolate districts, with the possibility of buying and enjoying their excellence on site.

This area is accessed by crossing the threshold of an impressive structure whose theme is based on the "abundance" of chocolate. The walls of the building are also equipped with LED screens that project evocative images and allow for an effective deepening and awareness of this chocolate tradition, and not only, for each region.

The space dedicated to the Italian chocolate districts is therefore a unique showcase for the regions that are able to offer the Expo 2015 public a journey that, starting from an undisputed territorial vocation, promotes links with important international companies.