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Thailand - Expo Milano 2015

Thailand at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Carolien Coenen
Architect(s) : Office of Bangkok Architects (OBA)

Pavilion Thailand presents agriculture as the main theme of the Expo.
"Thai-ness" is a mixture of water, agriculture, lifestyles, traditions, beliefs and folk wisdom.
The design of a symbolic architecture is inspired by three main components: Ngob, Thai peasant hat; King of Nagas, snake; and pagoda bases, which uniquely characterise Thailand.

To express the contemporary Thai way of life, between folk wisdom and local identity, the architectural design of the pavilion is a combination of three significant Thai-ness symbols related to agriculture as follows:

is the symbol of Thai agriculture and folk identities and wisdoms that is passed from generation to generation.
It has a particularity of being a ventilated hat which cannot be found elsewhere.

Symbolizes the Belief and represents the abundance of Thai agriculture.

Pagoda Bases
Are the symbol of Faith
The three pagoda bases symbolise agriculture, nature and living together.

The exhibition along the ramp to the entrance of the pavilion presents ways of life in Thailand with:

- a floating market which is a classic seaside lifestyle with boats full of various products.
- the cultivation of rice fields, where you can see the work, in real life, in the rice fields.

First Hall
The 360° film projection presents Thailand's three environments - mountains, plains and the sea - and details their ecosystems.

Second Room
A projection using mirrors reveals all the phases of Thai cooking, including cooking, processing, preserving, storing and packaging.

Third Hall
A film presents the achievements of King Rama IX

At the end of the visit, a shop selling mainly Thai food.