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Enel - Expo Milano 2015

Enel at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire
Architect(s) : Piuarch

In the Enel Pavilion, a metal net, in which the cabling has been installed, interprets the idea of energy sharing, the concretization of the smart grid in the design of the screen along the roadway. On this screen lies the non-structure of the pavilion: a three-dimensional representation of Enel's smart grid and the ability to integrate the distribution of electricity into the environment.

On the connection nodes of the smart grid the virtual forest is rooted: 650 polycarbonate trees illuminated by LED lights specially designed by Enel Sole. In this way, the optical illusion of lights and shadows created by the trees of the forest takes place, surrounding and accompanying the visitors towards the virtual control room, where you can see from the inside the control centre of the Expo smart city. Here you can see in real time how the smart grid works, the energy balance data of the Expo site and individual pavilions, the management of LED lights, the map of charging points for electric cars, and statistical data on CO2 emissions.

The entire system is powered by energy obtained from photovoltaic panels installed on the pavilion's façade.