Intesa Sanpaolo - Expo Milano 2015

Intesa Sanpaolo at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire
Architect(s) : Michele De Lucchi

Intesa Sanpaolo, in its role as Global Partner of Expo Milano2015, has built a pavilion of almost 1,000 square metres on the Decumanus, designed by the architect Michele De Lucchi, using ecological and recyclable materials that refer to natural elements and evoke the themes of ecology and sustainable development.

The cladding is made using a very, very old construction technique known as "scandole", which uses wood in a traditional way.

The visitor can live a multi-sensorial and touching experience with interactive artistic installations and the presence of important artistic works of the Bank's property, chosen for their belonging to the theme Feeding the Planet Energy for Life.

A programme grid comes to life in the Pavilion with events dedicated to families, children, young and old.

In the pavilion there will be places reserved for meetings between the Expo Milano 2015 public and the companies representing Italian excellence in various sectors.o 20

The pavilion also houses a painting by Umberto Boccioni: The workshops of Porta Romana

This work (painted in 1910) represents a city in the midst of the development of industrial society. Urban life is changing, becoming more frenetic, accelerated by progress. The artist, a member of the Futurist movement, absorbs the technique of division to celebrate the peripheral landscape of the industrial metropolis, illuminated by a crystalline light that highlights the shadows of workers and houses under construction.