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Zero Pavilion - Expo Milano 2015

Zero Pavilion at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Fabio Maglio
Architect(s) : Davide Rampello, Michele De Lucchi

Pavilion Zero, located near the main entrance to the Expo 2015 site, features some of the themes of the Milan World Expo: the history of the relationship between humanity and the planet Earth, the transformation of the natural landscape, rituals and food culture are represented in a simple language, mainly composed by immersive installations.

The exhibition, divided into 12 rooms, starts with a giant library, then just in the next room a centuries-old tree pierces the ceiling and stretches its foliage towards the sky, then the visit continues as the story does not stop. Room after room, agriculture, pastoralism and animal husbandry are represented by working tools, and through the reproduction of natural and human landscapes that have marked the relationship between food and humanity since its origin.

Designed by Michele de Lucchi, the pavilion is inspired by the morphology of the Earth's crust, with peaks and a large central "valley" that contains an outdoor arena.

The Zero pavilion is 124 metres long and 60 metres wide, with a gross floor area of 7,500 square metres; the structure of the eight "hills" forming the pavilion is composed of a fully recyclable galvanised steel structure, while their covering is made of fir planks arranged in such a way as to recall the contour lines of a topographic map.