McDonald's - Expo Milano 2015

McDonald's at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire

Precisely because of the active role that McDonald's plays in "feeding the planet", the company is present at the Expo with a pavilion that functions as a real restaurant, offering visitors the opportunity to have a quality meal or snack at contained prices, with sandwiches specifically for the Expo.

The restaurant will also be an opportunity to tell the story of the "Future Factor" and the agricultural chains behind the ingredients of the products that consumers are used to finding in Italy.

The restaurant has been designed with recycled and recyclable materials and is very easily dismantled and reused elsewhere, avoiding debris, waste and without replicating the production of materials.

The project has been developed with technological solutions that allow a considerable reduction in energy consumption.

The structure is completely insulated:
cellular glass roofing and vegetal floor have a very high performance in terms of thermal insulation that reduces heating. In addition, electricity is supplied solely by solar panels.

The restaurant combines technology and entertainment, technology through the use of touch screens for ordering and information on the origin of products and suppliers, and entertainment with the possibility of playing a new xbox game "farming similator" and by the intervention on certain days of Italian DJs.