Perugina - Expo Milano 2015

Perugina at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire

The exterior of the pavilion is a summary of the brand's codes: blue, stars and the floor "in cartouches" which immediately sends the visitor back to the world of kisses.

In addition to recalling the brand, the pavilion offers a private roof terrace that can be reserved for special occasions.

Visitors are invited to recycle aluminium in a huge container shaped like a kiss, remembering that 1 kg of aluminium can pack 3156 Bacis.

Inside the pavilion, the story of the Baci Perugina is told through a charming display of shooting stars above created with the same foil wrapping this chocolate icon and visitors can interact by posting their thoughts on the Kissing Wall.
Also, the site is embellished with two chocolate fountains powered by solar panels, with the same technology as those used in the San Sisto Perugina factory, which has a photovoltaic park that produced 1,459,345 kWh in 2014, thus avoiding the emission of 295 tons of CO2.

At the end of the Expo, the pavilion will be transferred to the Nestlé factory in San Sisto.