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Umbria - Convinium 2.0 - Expo Milano 2015

Umbria - Convinium 2.0 at the Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
© Philippe Lemaire

Umbria guest of honour at the Italian Pavilion with "Convivium 2.0

For Expo 2015, an event dedicated mainly to food, Umbria has chosen a scenario that leads to show the quality of "knowing" and "doing", proposing a journey through local traditions and productions.
The Umbria Region is therefore presenting Expo visitors with part of its identity: the transmission of knowledge.

For the duration of the Expo Umbria offers a vast multidisciplinary programme, but from 31 July to 20 August in the Italian Pavilion, the Expo area reserved for the Regions, Umbria takes as its theme "Convivio".

"Convivium 2.0" is the name chosen for this pavilion, by recovering ancient roots, the learned work of the Benedictines and Franciscans.

From the reality of the experience of the monks, Umbria presents a new "font", the work of the Academy of Fine Arts of "Pietro Vannucci" in Perugia, which has brought together a group of designers and communicators to realize the entire project.
A graphic design that was particularly appreciated by the Expo's artistic direction, which allowed Umbria, exceptionally, to adopt the new font for its signs in the Italian Pavilion.

The knowledge that the font tells you the "know-how" and is the assiduity of the whole regional community that has produced and continues to produce great innovations.
Concepts that have really found their place in the communication of the Umbrian region thanks to the multiplication and diffusion of the new decorative "font", called Umbria Monk.
A path to show how the roots of Umbrian culture give the basis for a modern vision of contemporary communication.
A symbolic fusion between the traditional and the new, the result of creativity.